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16v (aaronc) V vts (Craggy) - 0-100.


Well i was inspired from your 0-100 video craggy, so just been out with some timing equipment and a passenger to record the results:

1st Run 0-100 : 18.96 seconds

2nd Run 0-100: 18.72 seconds

3rd Run 0-100: 18.65 seconds

Obviously the accuracy of both our methods may be out due to speedo differences but the results are here.

I was slightly doubtful i would even level your VTS as i though that was a particular fast 0-100 time, however i am now even more eager to put these two cars side by side to see the results.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Not the most accurate way of doing it... ;)

You wanna borrow an AP22 or summat.

Quote "Obviously the accuracy of both our methods may be out"

I think Jas is bringing one this weekend to the RR day?