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16v - Clutch Cable!!!!!!!!!

  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS


My car has had a new cable fitted fairly recently but it snapped yesterday so i went and got a new one from Halfords, got the old one off etc - fitted the new one exactly how it says in the Haynes manual.

When pumping the clutch i could hear it adjusting itself etc - all seemed pretty straight forward to me, and my Dad but when trying to put it in Gear, for some reason it wasnt giving enough movement - its as if the cable is too long or something!!??? Also when measuring the amount of movement which should be between 17-18mm but its not quite moving enough!!

Anyone know quite what to do? There must be loads of you out there that have had this problem - but how can i solve it?!?
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

I even tried fitting spacers etc on the cable to try and make it shorter - but it just isnt working!!?!??

My cable went a couple of months ago! I was strongly advised to get a Renault part (about £11 i think) as other makes replacements tend to not be the right fit!

Dont know if Halfords supplied you with a Renault part or not but this could be it!?

My one went in no probs.....well its a tricky job but once done all was well!
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Is the cable an original Renault one?

Is it routed through the bulk head and into the engine bay correctly?

I did it myself with an aftermarket one - snapped 4 months later - i just ended up taking it to a mechanic, who said he wouldnt fit it for if it wasnt an original part....

Its ok nick, i had the exact same issue as described by yourself. The problem is very unlikely to be the wrong length cable, more so the adjuster on the clutch.. Basically because the adjuster is crap! (what ever happened to the manual adjusters?) i drove around for 2 days like this! With the feeling my gear box was on its way out!! As it turns out it was my clutch causing the issue, as it wasn’t disengaging correctly! :mad:

i believe this is the problem you have Nick. To correct it, its quite simple... get down to the clutch ped lying on your back with your legs in the air, lol :Daccomled with a touch.. You will see a plastic grommet that rests against the peddle (mine was green) remove this and you will find the peddle will come right up and you will also hear the adjuster clicking like crazy. once the peddle is as far up as it can go.. replace the green grommet. disengage the clutch all the way to the bottom and let it back up.. again you will hear the adjust clicking.

Job done, your gear change should now be as smooth as a ducks arse.. let me know if this worked... :)


god, bloody clutches, ive had this recently, replaced the cable, then had problems just like that, then the pedal gave out soon after, apparently pedal gets worn too, and if its worn enuff for the cable to snap its pretty likely ull need another pedal (replacement, not an extra one :) ) this fixed mine, until now and my clutch is on its way out, its soooo stiff sometimes i rise up inthe seat cos i have to push so hard !


  MKII Vee

I hate the clutch on my clio in the last 4 months Ive had 3 cables. 2 I fitted myself, the first worked perfectly for a couple of weeks then snapped, the second never properly worked I just couldnt be asred to fiddle around for hours with it, and as I was just getting used to it not going into gear properly, it snapped again but this time while it was having a service, so the garage had to fix it, they replaced it with a genuine part and so far its been alright except when the car gets hot then its a bsatard to get in gear, and like cse its so heavy I have developed huge muscles on one leg ARRRGGGGHHHH....:mad::(
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Alway use a genuine cable and not a factors replacement.

If you can hear the clutch ratchet working (rapid clicking) then it is faulty and will require a pedal replacement as well.

Yes, they are an absolute ar5e to fit, but once you have used genuine bits, fitted and routed it correctly, you should have miles of smiles with your clutch action!