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16v or Williams

  A4 Avant & R52 S

Hi everyone,

Im looking at buying an L/M reg clio but still undecided about 16v or williams? so could any of you that have had both give me any information as to the difference in running costs for these?
After the initial cost of the car is there much difference in the fuel consumption & such things?

Cheers for any info

The Williams was a special edition of the 16v and to be honest, I reckon the biggest difference in terms of costs is the insurance. The 16v is a Group 12; the Williams a Group 17.

The Williams had a few select mods to improve on the successful formula of the 16v. Engine wise, it was bored out to a 2.0 (instead of a 1.8, but they look the same when you open the bonnet) and had different bits internally - mainly from the 1.9 diesel of the day! This meant that there was more torque at lower revs - the Clio 16vs main failing. The Willy isnt much quicker than the Valver to 60 - you could close the difference with standing start technique. But the Williams is a bit quicker to the ton (at least 2 seconds quicker) - and it responds better at lower revs. Youve got to be over 400 revs to race anything and win in the 16v, but its different in the Williams. Theres not much more torque, but its always there - unlike the 16v.

Body, interior and components-wise, the two are very similar. The Williams has the same wide-arched shell and bonnet bulge and bits like brake callipers. The suspension is slightly differnt though, as is the clutch, g/box and diffs (I think).

The costs of running either are near identical. Fuel costs are similar, though the 16v is a bit better. The major thing is to get a good one. Both are fairly expensive to fix and things go wrong if theyre not cared for. There are plently of people who will confirm that!!

Generally, the Williams will be better looked after - it is a bit of an icon and there are only 1200 of them. That means that prices rarely go below £4k and youll be lucky to get a good one below £6k.

What swung the 16v for me was the greater choice, the availability of leather and the cheaper insurance and buying cost.
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i agree with ben ,
ive had both a valver and a williams, but bought the valver cos i couldnt afford to buy and ins a willy 2 years ago lol
having had the valver for 2 years u always want more power... and with all the other mods evryone else in the club was doing i decided that for the power i wanted only a 2 litre transplant would do..... then it came to cost again so i decided to sell the valver and buy a willy with the money and saving money in the long run i.e £4000 in car then at least £1500 in mods and itd only be worth £3500 at the end of it with the valver or pay £5500 for a willy and it always hold some kind of value, but the willy ................... what can i say if u have the funds to buy and run one id leave the valver and go straight for the willy .....cos if u dont ull always regret it.
ins.. well i pay £100 more per year on the willy than the valver so not that bad

Get a Williams. On paper not much faster than a valver but in reality you would find the Willy a fair bit quicker. The Williams has different profiled cams in as well as being a 2.0 as opposed to a 1.8 as far as I am aware. The suspension is far better, the interior reeks of class and you have the advantage of owning a very rare car. You will turn heads where ever you drive. To bring a 16v upto Willy standards you would have to spend as much as the difference between them from the outset. The insurance is a major issue but in the line of adding bits to a valver to bring it upto Williams power etc, I should think the insurance companies would charge you as much for your mods.

My opinion....16vs are nice, pokey and not that far away from a Williams, but its not the same.

Still its your choice, just my opinion.

  honda accord 2.4 type s

I agree with most thoughts on here. The Williams would still be the one for me, but even with 5 years protected no claims E-Sure wouldnt insure me!!! My 16 altough "slower" does me just fine. Find a good one, look after and enjoy it, coz whatever you choose out the two, they will give you hours of fun (hopefully)
  BMW 320d Sport

Get a Williams, no question about it. I wont go into detail cos most of it has been covered here on in other posts. But it does get annoying when everyone who doesnt know Renault very well always asks if its a Williams.

The Williams will always be the ultimate hot hatch in my eyes. Even though I havent got one and wouldnt swap my 16v for one, youll save yourself a lot of heartache if you just take the plunge and get yourself a Willy.

I got my Willy 3 about 3 months ago and its the nuts, my mate has got the 16v and when we go out in his I can rely tell and fill the difference in power and handling.