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16v Power Steering

  Renault Clio 172
Just wondered if anyone could help....

Basically I went to see a 16v last night that is up for sale and whilst on the test drive the bf noticed that the power steering was making a bit of noise. If this was on it's way out, how much would it cost to repair/replace?

Also, it was leaking something like oil but he said that he took the engine out a couple of weeks ago to clean up and he also said that it was leaking from where he overfilled the gearbox fluid up. Would this be anything worrying that the gearbox fluid was topped up or?

I don't really know much about cars so any help would be great!

Yep thats a common problem to be honest, my ones really loud. Priced up a new pump and it was gonna be around 115 quid from euro car parts
Don't like the sound of the oil leak to be honest that could be a leaking gearbox or even a headgasket which is never a good thing, Id get someone in the know to check it over.
  Renault Clio 172
Well I spoke to my uncle (lorry mechanic) about another Clio that i'm looking to buy that has both a noisy power steering and noisy tappits and he advised worst case cost £600 to fix so think I may go for the second one as the other one I said about above is a lot more money to risk something going wrong on.

Thanks for everyones help, I had heard that the Power Steering was a common problem with the 16v's so will look out for this.

Thanks again!
This is what happens when people look for a cheap valver, usually they're a false economy and you can end up spending more than half what you paid for the car.

Power steering pumps are common problems.

Mark E-J

worth every penny though when u finaly get her running right I have gone from a new car 2 have a n plate valver and love it more than any other car I have driven this is car 13
*Smiley Stacey* said:
Errrm the person was wanting £1800 for it (not cheap to me if it has problems lol)
It would have to be mint for that much can get Williams for similar prices.
White16valver said:
Is it possible, if the pump fails, just to keep on driving it? Would it not just be the same as having a manual rack??
You'd need some muscles to do it.
Mnaul rack is easier to use.
  Looking for a ph-quick...
Not advisable without the pump, you just fight the pump, plus you will probably ruin the rack.
*Tempted by the manual rack*

Is it just a case of getting one off a lower spec model?

And in idler tensioner of some sot as the AUX belt is difficult to re-route without having somethine inplace of the pump so people use a tensioner I forget who it was off here was selling them.