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16v starting problem - Help please


This morning got up to play golf started the motor and just turned over (battery was fine) but didnt fire up. It was raining so the car was wet. I took another car and came back 4 hours later when the car had dried up and it started ok.

Anyone know what this could be? What could be getting wet causing the engine not to fire up??

Any urgent help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

suppose it could be the starter motor but if it was the starter motor why would it not fire up only when its wet?

Starter motor is another lengthy job on the 16v - not sure about the part, but the labour will be about four hours. Starter motor failure is intermittent I think, so it might be just the start of the end so to speak. I had my alternator go a few weeks ago and I was having starting problems then that I thought were down to the starter motor as well, but its been ok since the new alternator.

dont know mate

mine had starting probs but after new alternator and starter it fires up not probs.

i got a uprated bb tunning one for 70, its exhange unit but fires up really quick and sounds like a bike starter, well recomended its smaller unit too