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172 Cambelts - How many have had probs

Just been landed with quite a large bill to have the cambelt, accessories belt, tension wheel and pulleys replaced. Runs like a corker now but .....

How many others have had to have all / some of these parts replaced?

If you did how much did it come to and did Renault give you any contribution towards the work?

my waterpump recently went warrenty paid for this but i had to pay for a new cambelt kit £111.00 alt belt £12.80 and other stuff my bill came up to £316.78 runs ok now though

Paul, I had the same things as yourself changed at around 30K miles. Had mine done on extended warranty. From recollection it was somewhere between £400 and £600. Loads of money.

You know I had mine done last week Paul. Did you get the info I sent you listing the parts, part numbers and costs? Was it any use?

I guess this problem has affected a lot of cars, but Renault didnt recall it as its just a noise - thats the excuse they gave me!!


I had mine done about a year ago. Extended warranty paid about £600 I think. Started at only 8K miles.

However unless Im mistaken its getting louder again (at 16K miles), noticed when I went under the bonnet to listen to a belt related ticking sound that just developed ! Arse, going to dealer tomorrow. My moneys on water pump.

If it needs engine work again I think Im going to call it a day and get a CTR.

On the same note getting a new rear bumper fitted tomorrow. Renault paid in full for it. Currently looks like this. Should have been fitted last week but went to get it and they had bought and painted a MK2 one, very funny watching them argue over who was going to pay for the fcuk up !

Craigy and Simon did Renault contribute anything to the the costs of replacing the cambelt and pulleys etc. It cost me £320 to have evrything replaced thats after Renault contributed 60%.

Stace I got your e-mail thanks. Looks like some garages buy a cambelt kit while others order each part separtely.

Johnathon Ive already had the water pump replaced as well in February last year (Renault paid for it even though my warranty had ran out) plus its an import so they shouldnt have done me any favours. I guess it must be another design fault as it must have happened to a fair few cars.

Johnathon are you the guy I met at Donnington last Feb and gave you a couple of passenger rides?

Hi Paul,

yes it was me at Donnington, still ever grateful, it was a great day out.

My car was within the numbers mentioned on the note. When the work was done they made no mention of the true nature of the fault but the parts list matched the tech note exactly.



Ive had exactly the same parts fitted to mine (Titanium Mk1 172 - Sept 00) but I got mine done under warranty - it was at about 18k miles I think - Id complained it was very noisy since about 5k miles and every time I took it in they said there was no problem - they eventually caved in, found the technical note and replaced it for free! Apparently they would only replace it on warranty if the customer complained frequently!!!

Mine is a CB0M type (one of the original ones) but I dont know if it was specifically covered in the range given on the technical note - Ill try and find out...


hi paul renault put nothing towards my cambelt etc the warranty only paid for the water pump and labour, there was nothing wrong with my cambelt but said it had to come off for the waterpump so i had to pay for all the other stuff came to £316.78 i have wrote to warranty holdings waiting to hear from them now.

Hi Paul, Renault were willing to do a 60/40 deal wanting 40% from me. Luckily I had extended warranty at the time. Also my engine number prefix was listed on that technical note.

Jonathan - Just noted that my bumper is begining to look like that as well will need to get down the garage and see about getting it sorted.

Towser, hope they oblige ! I think the dealer said something about a % split on cost but they would pay the rest out of good will due to all the trouble Ive had.

The pattern never ends, something goes wrong with the car, then the dealer screws up sorting it out !

I am having my waterpump/pulleys replaced tomorrow but not by Renault because i have no warranty and I cant be arsed to pay Renault a fortune for labour etc. My mate has a garage and has always done work for me before so I expect all will be fine. I got the noise around 24K and have been told not to drive it because of something about the cambelt running the water pump and if it goes the bottom half of my ebgine wil be out of sync with the top half = Bye Bye engine!! Jesus If I got Renault to do it it could cost me £600!!!

Can anyone tell me if the cambelt had frayed / slipped or whatever happened to it, how would this have damaged the alternator. I had to have mine changed at the same time as the cambelt and pulleys etc, beacuse otherwise they could not guarantee the reapairs.

Speaking to another mechanic he could not see the connection, anyone got any ideas. The reason I brought it up is that a new alternator costs £330.