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172 cup belts change help

  182/ 172 Cup
hi people, been a while. brought a 172 cup that had been sat for 3 years and hasn't ever had its belts done, it has full history but has only done 37,000. obviously the belts are well over due due to age, its on a 02 plate.

I want to get them done before i start using it, im based in essex and dont know who i can trust to do it. ben r at angel works did my 182 a couple years ago, is he still there? he did a top job last time.

Does anybody know of anywhere else in essex? will the car be ok to drive to the garage to be done? the aux belt does look ok, i no its hard to tell but its not looking f**ked

Any help appreciated, kris :)
  inferno 182cup
u'll never know if its about to brake-there wont b a waning. u aught to do it where it is or trailer it somewhere if u ant confident in DIY
  182/ 172 Cup
Theres no way i will be doing it myself, i don't have the locking tools etc. i realise there is no warning!!! i just wondered because the low milage if it would be safe to drive to a garage or not? but i understand there isnt a definite answer really.

  Maybe a 172 Cup..
Sat for 3 years WTF, what a waste!! Would hire or lend a trailer mate and get to JMS, think they're closest. It's called the law of sod, and I wouldn't be testing it!!
  182/ 172 Cup
yeah your probably right aboo, may have to trailer it there :( iv pmed tom at jms, hope they can do me a good price.

So someone can recommend a Renault specialist near to you, especially if you have to have it trailered to them.