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172 Cup refresh

Couple more little jobs ticked off the list today. Correct aerial fitted to replace the existing one that has 2 adapters fitted in the middle [emoji848]
View attachment 1539347

Fresh number plate light fitted to finish off tidying up the rear

View attachment 1539348

And flushed the power steering fluid with some fresh Dexron II to replace the old fluid which was a little low using the guide on here.

Refitted the number plates as the double sided pads I used were terrible. Took a couple of photos of the corrosion around the old number plate screw holes, not sure how best to tackle this as the rest of the paint on the boot lid is in perfect condition so I’d rather avoid getting the full boot lid resprayed.
View attachment 1539349
View attachment 1539350
As a temporary solution so mine doesn’t get any worse before my respray, i wire brushed it down then did a couple coats of Hydrate-80.

Not the best looking of jobs but It will obviously be covered by my reg plate.


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ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Clio 172 Cup
Getting around to a few jobs on the cup now after starting in March then putting it off to do the garden. I have sent off the intake manifold and other bits for vapour blasting so I am working through parts I can clean up and paint myself. Come to put the ECU cover back together and I’ve got 2 small brackets I have no idea where they should go? Can anyone help with where they should be, pictures would be even better!



ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Clio 172 Cup
Never mind, worked out they’re the air box brackets! [emoji1360] a lesson to take more photos and don’t leave months between tear down and build up [emoji1787]