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172 Cup springs

  53' 172 Cup
what are the best springs to fit on my 53plate 172 cup....? im dead happy with the handling and ride but know itl look so much tighter bout 40mm closer to th tarmac!!! what do people recommend. in the past i have bought Gmax shocks an springs (pretty gash imo) and Spax springs (just ok...) but not sure wot best upgrade for a car with already great setup would be....
  53' 172 Cup
Re: ******172 Cup springs*******

Peperami said:
H+r's mate. Do you a set for £600 brand new if you like?

practically giving them away arnt you chap???!!! a touch over my budget! heard they r pretty special tho...
Eibach springs sound promising, how much lower will it sit on them?
  Golf GTD
Re: ******172 Cup springs*******

Yeah, not decided on whether to sell them or fit them to my car?

Heart says yes, bank balance says no... but then its only money!

Not decided on whether to keep the car yet! Lol.

Think the eibachs are 25 mm or so.
  172 cup
are the eibechs firmer than the standard springs and do they improve the high speed cornering significantly.
  Lionel Richie

ok in terms of handling ability and ride comfort - Eibach wins

in terms of "drop it like its hot" factor - apex wins

price - apex are approx £50 cheaper, but they're cheaper for the above reasons
  RB 182 cup,astra sri
maahny said:
Apex will sag as Fred says, Eibach are much better - H&R are another very high quality choice.

If you were to chosse over sportlines or H&R's, what would it be? i was going to go for either of the 2 but dont know which to choose
I have 4yr old sportlines (red) and new Koni yellows on my 172. I find that the ride over small bumps is very good/soft and probably better than stock. On large bumps however, the springs do not seem to have the travel to cope and the nice ride suddenly becomes a solid/ uncomfortable thump after this soft travel is exhausted. I therefore am constantly trying to avoid large bumps, dips and ruts in the road. I know the springs are progressive so it makes sense but the sudden firmness cant possibly be normal? I wonder if the springs have a certain life span? the car sits quite low for sure.