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172 CUP

I thought that this car would have been a stripped out 172, but according to the latest EVO mag, its had adjustments to the suspension, etc to reduce body roll.

Does this mean that Renault know that the 172 has a spongy suspension set up that they have obviously addressed in the NEW CUP? The CUP seems to be a better car, for raw performance compared to the this true?

Anyone know what they have done exactly? Have they just stiffened the springs, etc or changed the whole suspension set up. Does it sit lower to the ground compared to the 172?

Anyone got the specs and differences between the CUP and 172?



its 89kgs lighter

no abs

no air con

bog standard interior (electric windows and stereo remain along with trip computer + airbags)

no spare tyre (tyre weld cans)

thinner glass

wider front track (20mm) and rear (10mm)

3mm lower

front castor angle increase by 3deg

lighter wheels

improved aero and downforce (new spoiler, splitter)

plus higher spring rates, firmer ride etc................
  Renault Laguna Coupe

and (in the intersts of balance) a fantastic bargain, although if you dont mind an import you can get the standard 172 for less than the UK list of a Cup. Still a fantastic bit of kit for under 13k though.



you could throw away a further 15-20kgs of kit away as well

chuck rear seats (easy mod) 10-15kgs

replace seats with lighter ones 10-15kgs+

bin all stereo equipment 4kgs

rear shelf 1kg

possibly saved 40kgs+

981 kg

p-t-w-r 175bhp per tonne


briging the total to 130kgs gone

add the dash and the inside trim passenger seat and carpets and thats a further 20+ gone

The rear seat is already a lighter one as it has no split fold or head rests plus the cente seat belt has also been removed.

Sound proofing has been minimised.

First thing i did was to remove the jack as dont see much point of it if you dont get a spare!!!!!!!!

Weird how Renault build a 172, then a a V6 varient then the CUP...that out drives them all and costs the least...WEIRD

Not sure on the logic there!

Are you intersted in an upgrade from a VTS? Would definetely reccomend a Clio above a Saxo. How about a nice valver that would probably count as an upgrade!

i think youre all goin a bit weight youll be saying dump your bird cause shes a size 10 and therefore has excess weight...or will the handling be better cause its more balanced cause the weight of the driver is balanced...ill be tossing and turning all night (mainly tossing!) would really remove their stereo and parcel shelf for the sake of 5kgs would they?

do vts and dude work in the same sentence?:)

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Quote: Originally posted by CUPSIZE? on 14 November 2002

And it whooped the 172 and V6 in this months
"nothing to worry about though - its not perfect"!!

Sorry please forgive me CUPSIZE I just had to.:oops:
  Renault Laguna Coupe

They did boob with the jack didnt they LOL. The other boob was not supplying a trackday car with a spare wheel - you couldnt exactly use that foam staff and then go back out for a few more laps now could you?
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Quote: Originally posted by VTS_DUDE on 14 November 2002

Does this mean that Renault know that the 172 has a spongy suspension set up that they have obviously addressed in the NEW CUP?
Have you driven a standard 172? I could never describe the suspension as "spongy". If anything it is getting close to the practical limits for normal fast-road use! ....precise but squirmy. Ive unfortunately never had the chance yet to drive a Cup so cant directly compare but imagine it is a notch firmer than the 172. From what I read the Cup has been designed for afordable week-end racing, but still allowing you to commute/bump around to work during the week. Therefore the suspension will naturally be up-rated.