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172 cylinder head .. DO YOU WANT ONE

Hi all, (sorry about the off topic as its a for sale.. but I never get much chance to check the other forums...

I have a complete 172 engine I have just bought (10k miles) and have the following parts for sale if anyone is interested.

172 head complete with cams, vvt, valves etc.. ideal for a porting or big valve project.. £350

and, full Induction assembly complete with throttle assembly (cable) £125

I am only using the bottom end as the basis for the turbo project.

there may well be other parts - if you need anything specific, let me know.

these are like rocking horse droppings at the mo!

  Skoda Fabia vRS

Slarty can you PLEASE !!! answer my texts/calls/MSN/forum posts

i really need to talk to you about the RR day mate !