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172 engine and box - potentially for sale ..

ot -

Hi Guys, as part of the turbo conversion, my own complete 172 engine and box may be for sale. (May 2002 car)

I would be interested in potential buyers letting me know in advance so I can sort the budget.

it will be..

172 engine with 172 gearbox, 7000 miles (5700 now)

All induction side and superb original stainless tuned exhaust manifold.

I will be looking for £1900.


also - in the for sale section..

do you want a new, F4R (172 family) rally engine or nitrous unit.. incredibly strong, built from turbo f4r parts.

available with choice of induction, throttle bodies or single plenum with nitrous adaptors.

see for sale for details.. may have 2 of these beauties.