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172 Exclusive Specs

  172 Exclusive #114

I'm (hopefully) picking up my 2001 (Y) 172 Exclusive (#114) on Saturday. Just wondered if anyone has the official factory spec. list for it or can point me to where I can find one?

Cheers in advance!
  172 Exclusive #114
Cheers! I'm talking more about detailed specs tho. A/C or CC? Traction control? All that kinda boring stuff!
  X-172 Cup
sgot CC as opposed to AC - not sure on Traction but others will know - worth getting the brochure though?
  172 Exclusive #114
Nice one chap! I'm getting it very shortly so I'm not too fussed about the brochure, just wanted to know the full spec really.
  172 ph1
It has AC, no traction control.
Differences over std are the leather, CD head unit rather than tape (still retains 6 disk multi under seat). Green paint, sill plate with number, and different wheels (supposedly BBS).

For the discerning Clio owner only, hence there are so few.