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172 exclusive

  #12 Clio PH1 172
Hi all,

I am new to the forum, I just picked up a ph1 exclusive for what I believe a decent price as I have never seen one before around London.

Drives great but has some history and no sign of belt and dephaser being done. These being the main priority, where in west London would be a trustworthy place to get these done.

Cost wise am I looking at £600 with a full service for peace of mind?

I'm so in two minds as I am not sure if they are sought after and will go up in value if kept standard and good nick;

Keep standard and maintain it brilliant condition in my ownership or strip it out removing any excess weight and seeing what difference it makes acceleration wise.

Advice would be helpful,

I have a lower rs inlet going on and it came with a chavtastic twin exit which I have taken apart and made a stealth straight pipe from the centre silencer.

Help an advice would be great.

Thank you all.
  #12 Clio PH1 172

I do wish to take off the sport badge as it reminds me of halfrauds!

Interior is completely standard. It was fairly local to me so jumped at the chance despite unsure if belts were done. May ring up the garage that done the last service. Has sub 80k miles if that helps?

I assume due to the weight of the leathers that it isn't as quick accel wise as a standard ph1 172

Contemplating removing everything in the back. Spare wheel, rear bench and maybe carpets but of it will benefit at all I'm insure of

Thanks for the welcome chi I hope the images work


  Z4, VW172, R26
Looks good mate.. What did it set you back? PM if u prefer ;).. Bit of weight wont make massive difference unless your going on track..