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172 import service book/manuals...

A question for all those people who have imported a 172, and in particular a Mk2...

* Whats your service book look like? After hassling my importer (and waiting 5 months!) they have finally supplied, via the Dutch dealer, a service book marked Warranty - Servicing BUT with DUPLICATE printed on it. The first page (Delivery Certificate) has been stamped by the Dutch dealer, but again is marked DUPLICATE. Anyone else had this problem? Surely I should have got the original?

* What manuals came with the car? Mine came from Holland and had Dutch versions, but my importer supplied me with a UK general Clio manual, supplied by Renault UK.


The general Clio manual is the correct one for the 172 as it covers all models (except V6), and as far as I know there isnt a specific Sport handbook. I had to pay £7 for mine though from my local dealer as the only one I got was in Dutch.

Not sure about your service book though.

I got an original service manual which was in english, a general clio manual in dutch, a radio manual in 476 different languages. I have since got an english general clio manual, there isnt one specifically for the 172 I dont think. There were some other bits of paper, COC etc as well.

What does your service book look like?

Just been on the phone to Used Car Solutions (now CarPlan) who I bought the car from (recommended by GirlRacer, who also got her car from them) and the officious bloke on the phone reckoned that "...sometimes we get the service books with the cars, sometimes we dont...". They then requested a copy from the dealer...five months later...:mad:

good question. Off the top of my head it was just a list of services with places for dealer stamps and a list of what should be done at each service. Ill check tonight and let you know tomorrow if its anything different to that.