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172 in to be fixed today...

It was in for the famous 4k rattle today. Been pissing me off since I got it (6k so far). Sad thing is it wasnt fixed! :(

Thay said the heat shield was ok, but the centre section has the rattle. Theyve ordered me one. Watch this space...

mines started to do this last week (20000miles) 15 months old, where they happy to cover this under warenty? I just hate taking my car to the dealers, thinking about getting a new exhaust
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I have already posted info regarding this annoying 4K rattle/buzzing. I spent about 20 hours trying to locate the source. It WAS the heatshield bolts that hold the middle and rear sections together. The bolts are too long and when done up, they actually touch the floor pan, but only just! I packed the bolts out with a small washer and cured the noise. This was sometime late last year and the customer has not been back! If I had not have cured it, believe me, he would have been on my case! Ask your dealer to check the bolts to make sure they are not touching the floor pan when tightened up.

Hope that helps


Thanks Bob Ill do that. Still waiting for the postcard to tell me the parts are in. They did say that the centre section resonated when they tapped it, but it just doesnt sound like an exhaust rattle to me.

Ill have to wait n see.

Thats a piss take, considering the UK exhaust system is supposed to be worth a grand, youd think it would last. I know non-uk cars have 1 less silencer, wonder if the systems are any different (and maybe more reliable!) than the uk models??
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Always been to Inchcape (well all my cars have come from there!) and have always had good service- sounds like you have had a bad experience?!?!
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I had bad experience at Inchape - mines in for service next Friday at Simpkins as Ive heard good things about them.
  Megane 225 baby! :)

Whereabouts are you then Ian? Let me know about Simpkins as its always good to know about other garages - buit honestly I have never had any problems with Inchcape, been going there for over 5 years now!!!!

Had a few badduns with the garage when it was Mann Egertons. Dont know if Inchcape have sorted em out. But honestly I cant fault Simpkins. Friendly Knowledgable & helpful. (& the service manager has a cup!). Theyre moving out of the small premises they have soon to a new one. I think its going to be on the Chandlers Ford industrial estate (behind the Audi garage) somewhere, but it seems a bit hush hush as to exactly where. Theyve got to move soon cos theyre gonna build houses on the present site!

Spoke to simpkins today as the zorst bit has arrived, Im taking it in next Friday but theyre gonna check the bolts before putting it on (thanks Bob!)

Well it went in, had the bolts checked AND the centre zorst section replaced, and its cured! Yeeeeeeesssssssss! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

The car sounds quieter everywhere, not just at 4k.

Cheers to all for the advice:D