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172 insurance

  Albi Blue Clio 197
Is it actully possible to get resonably priced insurence for a 21 y/o with a years no claims or should i stick with my 1.2 for now lol ? i should also mention i am at uni and living at home at the moment, as much as i would love one i cant justify the £3000 Budget want for fully comp or think third party is a good idea.

anyone got any ideas ?
  M2 Competition
Try elephant mate. Be about 2k fully comp... Same circumstances as me, although i have whats classed as a high risk job so you might be able to get it slightly cheaper than me!
  Albi Blue Clio 197
hmm comes up at £2300 on there bonus accelerator thing, with £500 excess, which i could probbably manage, is putting i am a student a good idea ?
  Black R27, 205gti
£1,200 Fully Comp. for me, just turned 21, Liverpool post code with 2 years no claims (1 non fault claim) Privilege

The car is a 54 reg 182 with suspension cup pack. listed at £10,000.
  Ford Mustang 5.0
I think we should be able to get it for you between 1000 and 1100 at 21 with 1 years ncb.

If you would like to get a quote you could put your details on our website and a price will be e-mailed back to you.

Best Regards
Greenlight Insurance