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172 insurance

  R35 GTR

I have done a mock quote on directline 1yr ncb, and 1 year driving. Fully comp at 1377. Is this good? Also, as I am currently with directline they say I will be getting 2yrs no claims discount when my 1 year runs out on sep 24.

I have had to pay 120 for 1 month before I can do this, but in my opinion a bargain! I was paying 90 a month for my 1.2 clio grande.
  182 and 5 GTT

that is a bargain. Cheapest i found was £1900, so im waiting a few months till i can get it cheaper.
  Focus ST3 + proper Mini

I tried esure on sunday

I was quoted £390 with 5yrs protected NCB. Im 27 in a rural area. with 1 claim (total loss) Directline came out at £575.

Never had any problems with directline though.

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ClioSport Club Member
  A35 AMG

Wow... £750 for the 182 fully comp with direct line. (best id had so far was £830 with elephant)

My insurnace has come down almost £600 from when i insured the 172 last year.
  R35 GTR

I am 23, but will be 24 when I come to renew, I hope this makes a difference. Also, I have heard it drops really low when you reach 25.
  182 Full Fat

Try Privelige insurance guys, mine was £660 on my 182 and I live in a High crime/theft area. Im 23yrs and coming up to 5NCB.