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172 interior...... urgent help needed

  BMW 118d

I am in the middle of fitting my 172 interior into my dynamique. However there seems to be 2 connectors on the passenger 172 seat, but only one on the dynamique one. On the dynamique 1 there is a wire that goes into the floor, but i cant seem to see a connector. What do I do?!?!
How do I get the seat out? Should there be 2 connectors, and am I just not looking far enough?


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Im not sure, but they will prob be for the seat belt light and the airbags I would have thought
  Lots of Alfas

Is there a big yellow connector? There should be seat belt pretensioners wire, seat belt light, and airbags. The dynamique and 172 should have the same. You should be able to find the connector from the wire that goes into the floor.
  BMW 118d

Well it seems that at some point in the life of my car, some dodgy renault technician has decided to do away with the connector under the passenger seat. And on the drivers seat they have by-passed the connector for the seat belt pretensioners, then electrical taped it all together!! Lovely!!

the wiring under my dynamique seats is dodgy too, if you move it around various lights come on n then go off on the dashboard, like sometimes the airbag light will come on, but if you move the wires under the seat a bit, the light goes off... weird... not looked for any connectors on mine, think i will now tho lol
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some looms have a provisional wireing in for the heated seats, i have used mine with the matts from a calibra turbo