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172 Melt Down!!!

My Mrs took car in today to have new mid-section of the exhaust replaced(cure for the infamous 4k rattle).

Asked if the car could be returned by 4 oclock as she finishes work at 4.15(works only 2 mins up the rd by car).

She had heard no news by ten to 3 so phoned the dealer to see if the car was ready. Spoke to the service manager and was told there was a problem with our car.

This problem was that the servo pipe had melted due to the fact that they had the car running whilst stationary to find out whether there was any resonance with the exhaust system (this is with new pipe fitted and using their descriptions).

They had found this problem after test-driving the car and noticing that the brakes werent performing properly, so investigated and found a melted pipe.

Your comments please.

Stu 172.

um, replace the 5p pipe...........

and i shouldnt melt, they are making crap up.......althugh i did have my engine cover fall off!!!>???? and land on teh exhaust manifold..leading to a nice melted

Cheers for that Ben, Ive just spoken to a very good mechanic mate of mine and hes also said that this is a load of b******s .

The service manager also said that this would never happen in a normal driving situation!!

So what if iI was stuck on a motorway in the middle of summer for 30mins, would this pipe melt?

Surely this is a serious safety issue were talking about?

Im calling in 2 morrow to have a good look for myself and will be prepared to involve whoever I need to to get to the bottom of this!!!


we leave cars idling all the time in our workshop, we get alot of 172 stalling poblems when they get hot then cool off....never ever ever been a problem. The pipes can take far more than ambient air temps can sustain.

Tell him another Renault Dealer said

it either want on and touched a hot part, they are lying to do something else they broke, or havent gotten round to doing it at all......

Way way back (Mk1s had just come out) I remember reading somebodys servo pipe getting melted, (due to poor routing I think).

Went down to the dealer this morning and saw the service manager and told him I was not happy about this pipe melting.

He said ok and took me straight to my car and explained everything to me.

The pipe hadnt actually melted but had basically shrunk, due to them listening for a slight resonance with the car running and the bonnet being closed!!

The heat build up obviously made the pipe very soft and when taken around their trading estate they applied the brakes and the pipe shrank,thus causing loss of servo-assistance.

He apologised for the hassle and assured me this would not happen again!!!

Lets hope not, I like my car the way it is.


The power steering pipe split on my dads 360 spider after about 600 kms and dumped its fluid, funnily enough this happened right outside the dealership, a bit embarassing for them!