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172 missing - noob

  E63, 172 track toy
Hi guys and gals,

as you can see from my posts im new around here!

I have just bought a ph2 172 sport with some mods and a few niggles for a track car and am looking for some advice.

the car has piper cams, 182 manifold, airbox off some other renault i think! superchips chip, decat and exhaust engine mod wise.

the problem im having is at revs above 5k ish at W.O.T. the car feels like it is missing, it feels like an ignition problem to me, i thought it could be me using cheap petrol so tried the posh stuff but that hasnt changed it noticeably.

second problem is under hard acceleration, especially if it spins up mainly seems to be in first and second there is a chattering sound, it sounds like driveshaft rubbing on something but iv had a look and cant spot anything, only thing i noticed is the manifold comes rather close to the heat shield. are there any regular 182 clearance issues?

finally, im sure i have seen people talking about a specialist place in birmingham [solihull way possibly] but cant find the threads again, can anyone reccomend places within the west mids?

Thanks in advance!



  A thirsty 172
1) Probably a mapping issue IMO, but I could be wrong.
2) Manifolds can often hit the subframe. Normally a worn engine mount I think.
3) Only specialist I can think of in Birmingham is BTM Performance (the guy's username is "Fred" on here).
  lift number 1 @ btm
definately get in touch with fred.

although be prepared for him to find a load of problems you didn't know about, but that is why he has my car at the moment :approve:

as for the knocking noise, a common cause is the dogbone mount under the engine.
  E63, 172 track toy
sweet, i might give him a call tomorrow.

im pretty sure its not the dog bone, that appears to have been powerflexed.