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172 Mk II - Auto headlamps, fog lamps

Hello all,

My headlamps on my 172 are set to automatic, i.e. they switch themselves on when it is dark. When in automatic mode twisting the fog lamp switch does nothing unless I manually switch the headlamps on first.

Has anybosy else come across this? If it is a feature of the car then it seems pretty stup that if the headlamps are already on, you have to then manually switch them on to be able to use the fog lamps.

  Clio 1.6 16V

Hi Chris, Afraid this seems to be the way things work! All gets a bit confusing for me. So auto headlights was one of the first things I disabled after getting the car. Least I know I am in control. One has to ask the question .... if one doesnt know when best to switch on their headlights ....should they be driving in the first place? Also on auto unless Im mistaken, the headlights dont automatically come on when it starts to rain which is generally required these days by law!?

Your right, the lights only come on when its dark. I did the test however and the lights came on almost the same time I would switch them on (maybe a little later but not much) but I have to manually switch them on when it rains. I do use the automatic feature, great for going through tunnels etc. And when its dark and you start the car they come on. The fog thing is crap as I used to use fogs to flash people.

This might sound silly, but how do you enable this feature ?

never seen it happen to me, or was it a option when buying the car ?


  Clio 1.6 16V

Turn on the ignition but dont startup. Turn on/off the headlights twice. Should get an acknowledgement beep. Turn off ignition then startup as normal then hey presto your blue thingies should bust into life (if below the light threshold) . Disabling is the same proceedure.

I dont like how when your headlights switch is set to off and your headlights are on (i.e in auto mode) when you flash someone you have to pull the lever quickly twice, once to put the full beam on and once to turn it off. Though when the headlight switch is set to on, you can flash by pulling gently once. Took me a while to get used to this and have driven around with my full beam on a few times.

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

You have to remember that it is ilegal in the UK to have your fog lights on when its not foggy. That why all the boy racers get stopped by the police!!!! and why renault have added this feature.

The automatic headlight are the best of the goodies that come with the car!!