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I bought a nearly new 172 Mk1 last month and the first thing I noticed was that the shift light didnt come on. I called Renault South Africa Techline and was told that this feature was discontinued because of the danger of people staring at the rev counter at high speed waiting for the light to show instead of watching the road. Is this true? I have one of the last Mk1s sold here and was wondering if anyone else has this and is there some way to turn it back on????
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah, they r right about the shift light it was discontinued. Mine doesnt have the light either, its a 2001 March model, last of the mk.1s. I dont konw of a way to turn it on. If you look at the dash board the light is over to the left hand side at the top of the arrangement of dash lights to the left of the rev counter. Maybe they took out the bulb? Has anyone with a mk.2 got a change up light?