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172 MK2 Exhuast Questions

Can anyone help me with this one please. I was wondering if anybody had fitted a whole system to there MK2 (ie removing the cat) if so who makes it and could you notice any performance increase, and is it a straight fit (ie not having to chop anything like the Magnex back box I had).

PS any news on a replacement panel filter yet.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I bought a Magnex cat-back system last week, and called a couple of days ago to be told that there isnt a de-cat for the Mk2 yet. When there is it will be a simple add-on to the cat-back system though.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Dead easy - I just got someone else to do it! No seriously - Demon Tweeks fitted it for me - I watched them take the old one off - no sawing or anything - the whole thing took about 20 minutes I suppose. Fits really nicely - there are pics in the Exterior Modifications forum under a thread called "Magnex twin-round anyone"

Cheers again
as I stated earlier In bought a Magnex back box and couldnt see any join in the exhaust all the way back to the manifold, and even in the instructions it said about chopping the original pipe and joining to it.
I dont really see after looking under my car where they split your pipe after the cat
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Hmmm dunno - I knew that a back-box was a cut n shut job, but I didnt really think that Renault would make an entire exhaust including the cats all in one piece, so I never asked whether there was any violence invloved in fitting a cat-back. The people at Demon Tweeks would know though cos they fitted it - might be worth giving their tyre / exhaust number a call - 01978 664468.

The original exhaust is in one piece from the cat back. They do cut it off near the back box but then the new one (magnex or whatever) comes in two pieces. The middle section bolts onto the cats and then the back box bolts onto that.

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Only on the Renault exhaust - but then thats in the skip anyway! The Magnex has a lifetime warranty, which is rather better than the 3 year one on the original.