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172 or cup not available in Ireland

As I was dropping my 172 in to get a new steering wheel the head sales guy of my renault dealer asked me if i wanted to sell the car.

Apparently Renault Ireland can no longer purchase 172s from Renault France. So, no new 172s over here.

Pretty good for the resale value of my car..but pretty sh*t if you want a new one!!


  Shiny red R32

That seems odd, because a while back I can remember seeing somewhere that you can import them from Ireland, just as cheap as from Holland!

I wonder what has caused this turnaround.

As far as I can gather (but not confirm) Renault Group were getting pi55ed off with Renault Ireland buying loads of 172s to import to the UK. So that was stopped.

Then they moved the 172 to special order because they only sell a handful over here.

Next thing the pull the car completely .....strange