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172 Petrol consumption....going down :(

  320d M Sport

Used to be able to get about 50 miles out of a fiver (!!) now Im getting about 35-40. Done 7500 miles. Called me stupid but its got much worse since my Contis have gone (very) bald??? Any ideas??

Sorry for posting a depressing thread......:(


its funny - when i saw that depressed grim after "consumption - going down" i thought - wait something is wrong. you should be happy...

but then it came up that you measure it differently :) heh...

i guess its all of us who suffer this.

my valver swallows up to 15 liters for 100km in town during winter and with my right foot burnt :)
  Golf GTTDI 130PD

I guess the consumption goes down with age, I used to get 300 miles to a tank on my 1.4 now its only about 270 tops

i only get 200-250 miles out of a full tank in my williams

200 if flooring it around everywhere, 250 is driving conservative