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172 second hand prices

I am a bit confused. Have been seing and reading on the forum of mk2s that are going for 9k and there abouts, but have then seen mk1s going for alot more than that, 10-11k...anyone know why this is? Is the mk1 getting cult status like the williams? I assume there arent as many mk1s around, and quite alt of mk2s, Renault seem to be seling alot of them..

alright Dan.....I think all car prices are a bit screwed up at the moment...I bought my 172 from motorpoint in March for 11699 a nice price...10k miles later Ive just sold it to a dealer for 10.5k...the cars now on his forecourt with a selling price of whats the hells that all about....Is anybody seriously gonna pay nearly 1k more for this car than I payed for it new...Its a renault dealer by the way....they were not interested if it was an import or not.....glad I got an import now....I would have lost 5k had I bought a UK car...:(

I think youll see cheap 9k Mk1s as well..I just think people dont seem to know what anythings worth any more....Its the imports fault....not that Im complaining..

I think more than ever before the second hand car market is mostly about what you can get for a car, rather than what its "worth" if you see what I mean.

It used to be that if the "book" price was £xx then that was more or less what people expected, and then actually got, for their car. These days it is more a case of "I want £yy for my car" and they advertise it at that price, and actually take what they can get.

I traded my 172 Ex and got near enough £11k. Although I physically lost about £5k on a 16month old car I though I was getting a good deal. As Kis172 says its what you are willing to accept for the car (or pay), I was concerned about the fact that the marked was flooded with imports and they were brining out the CUP so getting £11 seemed reasonable.

Only bought the exclusive with the hope it would hold on to its value more, well it was no mini one;)

There are so many good hot hatces/small cars out at the moment that 2nd hand prices have dropped significantly....Youve got the 172,172 cup, Civic Type R, Leon 20VT, 20VT Cupras, Ibiza Cupra, Focus RS, VTSs, 106/206/306 GTIs, Protons/Polos the list gos on and on......Plus there are loads of imports knocking around....

My Mk2 is an import from Belgium, its only 8 months old with 5k on the clock and a 4yr warranty. I didnt even know (or care) it was an import until I phoned the warranty company up to confirm it was transferable. I paid £9k for it last week......

Dann172, you sold your 172 to the dealer ? I didnt know they did that, would any dealer do that ? How much would I likely get for a MK2 with 3500 miles on it then ?