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172 Specialists In Manchester


Does anybody know of any 172 (I have a Mk1) specialists around Manchester. Im fed up with the lack of knowledge that my local Renault dealer has concerning my pride and joy!

Any pointers would be appreciated

  Skoda Fabia vRS

dunno about specialist, but we all went to RE Performance Centre in Bury for the RR day, and the guys there work on performance cars all day like Imprezas

id go to them

and are you coming to the north west meet mate ?.......come along an say hi

Do not go to Renault Manchester, when my brother took his car in for a service, they missed the wonky wheel bearing, luckly the following evening my next door neighbour who is a mechanic notice the fault when they were taking the wheel off to paint the calipers, so next day he went back to the dealer, ended up cauing a big scene in the service department shouting out that this dealer is sh*te, not porperly trained etc, needless to say the manager quickly offered to get it fix for free.


When is the meet and where is it? I suppose I should become a member then, to get an invite?

When is the next RR (Rolling Road I presume?) day? I have never been to one and am dieing to see if my currently stock car is what it says it is.

Thanks for the advice, but any other Renault specialists in the North West?


Lookers in stockport use to be good but im going back a few years here (before they moved to St Marys Way).

  Skoda Fabia vRS

if you need info mate go to the meets/events forum an look for the thread, and i really would recommend RE, they have an advert in Max P now in the classifieds under Skyline garages, there a performance car specialist