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172-Stick on 17’s or lower on standard wheels

  320d M Sport

I know its been covered on loads of different threads but Im trying to sort this in me head so thought it would be useful to try to keep everything under 1 thread..

So, Ive been looking at the gallery (GR those new pics look mint!) and Im tempted to just stick on 17s and not lower it at all. Ive got a feeling that if I lower it the ride will be...err, crap?? (Geoff?????)
I know some people here have lowered their 172 on standard (Mk2) alloys and say it handles REALLY well, so I dunno what to do???
I want a car that looks the biz and will handle as well or better than standard....phew!

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Lower it first (much cheaper than wheels!!) If you want you can change the wheels anytime, but lower it It works.


  Shiny red R32

Just get 17" Super Ts Paddy, without lowering, as they fill the arches a bit better than the 16" ones. Loads of people thought that mine had been lowered a bit, but it hasnt. My tyres are 205/40/17 (Toyos).


  Shiny red R32

Paddy have a look in the Gallery at the red V6 with Super Ts to remind yourself of how good they look on the red!


  Shiny red R32

It is listed in the Gallery under V6 then look for unknown Clio V6 in Flame Red look at both views of it and see how gorgeous your red would look with those wheels!
  Fiesta TDCI

Depends if you want a drivers car (lower it) or a pretty car (stick new wheels on).

I had the same thoughts, as we speak mine is having AVO springs fitted.

The right choice me thinks.
  Silver Fabia vRS

Paddy - I have to say the ride isnt much worse after lowering and lower profile tyres and even my brother didnt notice much difference.

The car handles so much better although having lower profile tyres on does mean it tramlines slightly more but nothing I cant adjust to. A few good things are it seems harder to wheel spin pulling away and looks the dogs danglies (In my opinion!)

At the end of the day paddy do what you want but I have only seen benefits since doing both, apart from it putting my insurance up!

While your on the subject... I have mine lowered 35/40mm on the standard 0z 15" wheels..... Im going to change my wheels also....I was going to get 17s, would they fit as the car is lowered or would I be better to get 16s..?

thanks for any info.
  320d M Sport

Cheers for the advice everyone!! Need to think about it while I chill in Cyprus for the nest week
Oh and BTW GR, Ive seen that red one and it is a Beauty!

Ayia Napa here i come...

As lovely GirlRacer told, I also put a set of 17" wheels (TSW Eurace) with 205.40.R17 tires (Toyo FZ4) and they fill the arches pretty fine. The gap between the top of the tire and the bottom of the arch is almost 4 cms so I agree that maybe you didn´t need to lower the car (besides it looks wicked with the big wheels)

After clocking up around 15000km on the standard wheels and suspension since new, I finally decided to take the plunge and fit a set of 17s with 30mm lowered Apex springs about 3 weeks ago.

I must admit that I was a little concerned about what this might do to ride quality, but I need not have worried. Over small to medium bumps, the ride is remarkably compliant and not that different to the standard setup. It is only when large bumps, such as pot holes, are encountered at high speed that you are made painfully aware of the shortened suspension travel. In these situations, it is possible to bottom out the suspension, resulting in an alarming BANG! from somewhere under the car. Ouch! Sorry car....

In normal day-to-day driving, however, the ride quality is perfectly acceptable, giving a sort of nuggety feel to bumps. And road noise with the new Bridgestone Potenza GIII tyres is actually lower than the standard Michelin Pilots (in Australia).

When it comes to handling, the car is totally transformed. The car sits much flatter, remains perfectly well balanced, and is oh-so-grippy in both fast and slow corners. While it was fun before, it is now an absolute ball to drive fast on a twisty road. The tyres that I am using are also very predictable on the limit, letting go gradually and with a feeling of total control if you over-cook it through a bend.

Another thing to note, as mentioned in a post above, is that traction off the line is vastly improved, with much less tendency to spin the wheels on an aggressive launch. Having said that, it probably doesnt feel quite as responsive off the mark as before due to the slightly larger diameter tyre, but this is nothing to be concerned about due to the ample reserves of power available.

I can detect no difference in the cars tendency to tramline or torque steer, and these qualities are certainly no worse than they were before.

So in summary (phew!), I am absolutely over the moon with the mods, and look forward to every chance I get to jump behind the wheel for another blast (which is every day thankfully). Go ahead and lower the car on 17s. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

BTW, watch out for a black Clio on Enkei wheels appearing in the 172 gallery soon.