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172 timing issues

Good evening chaps. Hope all is well?
Wondering if any 1 could help please?
I am having problems with the timing on my 172 51 plate. Timed up the cams ok with the bar but it's just the crank I am having trouble with....
Tdc the silver smaller pin will go into the location hole through the block but the bigger pin will only go in and screw into the hole when on the down stroke of the piston . The fly wheel is locked when using the smaller pin but will turn when using the bigger pin. There is a cut out on the crank at 1 o'clock which auto data says to use but that isn't tdc and the larger pin fits in but doesn't lock the crank grrrr!!!! Confused
Cheers Ian


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ClioSport Club Member
  dan's cast offs.
it's the f4r, slip in pin. make sure it'sin the locking hole not the balance drilling that's right next to it.
  172 Ph1
There's a mark on the flywheel , you need to get the mark inline with zero mark on the gearbox . Only then "you" will know it's spot on.
You did well to be cautious.

TDC mark is to the left of the crank position sensor , has its own window.