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172 vs 1.2 16v

honestly they must be the least according to one punto driver...

I was coming home the other night, i seen a modified punto pull out behind i nailed it...he soon caught me and i went up to 110 with him on my i turn off and admit defeat......

so next day im in work....i swear no lie....i hear this boy telling his mate "aye i was racing one of those 2.0 clios along the A71 last night, they are well slow, my 1.6 nailed it...i wasnt even trying and he couldnt get away from me"

now either thats a coincidence or punto drivers are retards? hehe:)

im still laughing tbh

the thing that gets me with them is the mk1 punto gt is a 1400

the mk2 punto hgt is an 1800 and lighter, but slower,

how does that work?

Cat171 - i will tell you how it works !

Right, the mark one punto gt was 1372cc and turbo charged, 130bhp and 148lb/ft of torque. Weighed in a 1001 kilos with a power to weight ratio of 132 bhp per ton

The mark two punto is 1747 cc and normally aspirated, 130 bhp and 121lb/ft of torque. Weighs in at 1040 kilos (not lighter) with a power to weight ratio of 127 bhp per ton.

Just as a bench mark, the R5GT had a power to weight ratio of 124 bhp per ton, the williams is 155 bhp per ton, the 172 156 bhp per ton, the cup is 171 and the V6 is 175bhp

POWER TO WEIGHT is a better perforamnce indicator !
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John, i dunno how u resisted to go and laugh at him lol!!!!!!!! Any idea what kinda punto it was? old or new? If it were a sporting (old shape) then it could av been 1 1.6 (90bhp) or a 1.2 16v (86bhp), the new shape has 6-gears n 80bhp, so whatever it was, unless a GT, he prob couldnt get past! I had a fumble comin back from Blackpool one time, me n my mate from West Lothian were heading back to my house, on the M62, old Punto sporting 1.6 8v, just the driver in it, bootin up right up to 115, he was pulling slightly away, but only just! and i had an extra person!!!!!!! My mate, who at moment drives a VTR, commented on how impressed he was for the 1.1s efforts! lol...........ah the fun! sometimes i wish i had a 1.1 badge on the back.........wonder why renault call it a 1.2? sounds better if u say 1.1, well, at least it upsets people more lol! :D



Torque steer was mental on punto gts many a time i have seen one lose control because of this
  H22A7 Accord Type R

A guy from our yorkshirecruise site has a 207bhp Punto GT.........its awesome!

no idea what kind it was, but he was that close to me i think he was just prooving how much faster he was...or maybe he couldnt get past:) dont really know!

Hey - dont sl*g off Punto drivers. Ever occur to you that some people who use these forums may have previously been Punto drivers??

I had a Punto GT before my 172, and god would l love it back - best car I ever owned (apart from the handling :) )
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So can that 1400 turbo lump from the Punto drop straight into my 1.4 Tipo? Maybe I should start checking the local scrappy.


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I owned a punto gt and i aint a r****d. They are good cars and it was probly quicker than my valver. Unfortunately it got wrote off by some prick at 70mph who thought it would be fun to see if he could get up my ass!

I dont know why people slate them. I never had ANY problems with it.

I loved my punto GT - i had a series 3, that one with a anthracite alloys. Had a slightly different compression ratio, and light con rods etc as standard, so they reved quicker and harder. Like i said before, 160 bhp and 180 lb/ft of torque which was amazing in that weight of car. They couldnt put the power down at all in first gear, but once on the move kept up with a R5GT with a supposingly 180 bhp and a Mrk 1 172, couldnt quite keep pace with my mates scooby which had a full decat, so guess what, i bought a scooby ! . Its the midrange torque that makes them quick. Alot of the lads in the owners group have got coilovers, which make a hell of a difference to the handling.