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172 vs RS turbo

had a run in with an escort RS turbo last night, on the straights he had a good advantage going into the corner he was about 1ft off the back of my car, after the corner he was quite a way back. but back on the straight again he caught up. had there been no bollards he would have passed down the straight, eventuly i let him passed as racing into the town centre as massive speed is not for me. So im off to see captian slarty for details one how to get some supercharged power.

it wouldnt have been standard to be able to do that, but then very few are standard these days, next time try and race it over a longer distance and it will proably go pop!! if he went to cheap way to more power
  320d M Sport

Alright Matt?
It must have been tuned, im not saying theyre slow because they aint but i would have thought if both cars were standard youd have it on every aspect??


well all his mods must be on the engine cause he couldnt go round the corners, mind you I was on the limit at 100mph round the corner. must have been well modified Ford Escort Cosworth 1994 224bhp 0-60 6.3 15.0 standing quarter, shows a 172 is equal to a cosworth over 1/4 mile

Escout rs turbo is 1987 132bhp 0-60 8.1 0-100 23.7 Quater mile 16.2
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Yep, I had a run in with an Escort Cosworth last night down a long runway ( ) he was infront and was accelerating flat out, i was up his bumper pushing him along! and had to back off a few times anyway, he moved over and i went past. He then went up my ass and a car was in my way, car moves out of my way, i slot into 3rd at 75 and go for it, all the way to 101 mph in 3rd (new ecu) and then without using the clutch slam it into 4th (crunch - oh well....warrranty?) and my 4th gear now goes on forever and was gradually getting a bit further away to my disbelief! amazing! anyway, more cars appeared and we could no longer race, so i get held up at 60-70 an and he does a stupid undertake just to show me what i kept away from! haha. It was a bit modded with bigger wheels and a dump valve and possibly an exhaust(?)