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172- When the goodies gonna start coming

  320d M Sport

I mean, theres not that much about is there!?

Im still waiting to see a UK Turbo 172,

172 with a cup front lip on it,

172 with GOOD bucket seats.

Anyone else think the same!? I mean, its been arund a while now, Come On!!


totally agree, be nice to see some featured in magazines too (mk1 or mk2) there must be some about somewhere in the country worth a magazine feature
  320d M Sport

Exactly! Ive only seen the K-Tec one with the Big brakes as well, again, would have thought someone would have really done that by now? Maybe they have and just dont come on here?!

paddy, did you go to trax at silverstone this year? if so you will have seen the k-tec 172 with massive brembos 18s double rear spoiler, sideskirts and NOS etc, looked f**kin awesome, now where did i put my shotgun and map of local banks ? :devilish:


I have now got the cup front splitter fitted on my mk2 172 and I will try to take some photos at the weekend. I will PM them to you.



As for the seats, its fair for people not wanting to trade in their side airbags. I like the 172 seats, and the driving position doesnt bother me as its never going to be as good as a caterham/elise, besides who wants to be like a nova boy who cant look over the dash? No thanks!

The 172 isnt expensive, but equally its not cheap, its a classy car, and in my view, mods should be kept at a minimum. Why strap on a turbo when you could just get a better car? People spend thousands thinking the car is the problem but if they invested the same money on themselves (tutored trackdays) theyd realise how good the 172 really is. It boasts modern style, pace and a slight old skool hatch feel to it. Its something to savour, not to change and i wish i bloody had one!
  Nissan R35 GT-R

Agreed - if Max Power ever said, "Can we feature your car?" I would say, "No - sorry!" Then I would think of a fake excuse, but the real one would be because I wouldnt want it looked in the same light as the majority of crappers in their mag!

Well I know why 172 dont have Cup front splitters on.....

Its because they forget to fit them to Cups so they are all on back order (So Dixons renault say).

Give us a shout if anyone can get there hands on one.


They are probably telling the truth (shock horror) as there have been threads where many cup owners realised the splitters werent fitted.
  2012 WRX Waggon

well mine is about to be modded to the max this weekend, no expense spared.

2 Silverfusion mirrored indicator bulbs are going in, Ive called MAX power and told them how PHAT my mohta is gonna look - there sending someone down.

pics to follow.


Renaults have always been at the back of the line when it come to mod parts. Only a few companys doing a few mods. I think the problem is that the clio isnt big in the states. Look what happens when a Jap car goes big over there every company is pumping out modds for them faster that you can say type R.

I didnt think renault were even in the states at all? Youre right though, that has to be the main reason why there are lack of modified Renaults, but if it aint broke, dont fix it.