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172 wiring diagrams

Hi, I am putting a 172 engine into a 1.2. Three of the red wires coming from the fuse box have been cut where they join the loom going to the bulkhead connector. Two are the red and green fuse holder can't remember the other one. Anybody got any diagrams that could help work out which ones to connect together?

Also the drivers side headlight wiring seems like it has been cut. The inside wiring loom had had an alarm fitted to it which I dont want to keep.

So if anyone has diagrams for these that would be great.

Also does anybody know where I can good quality connectors for these? And what is best to use on the headlight wires not going to be a cowboy and use bullets have some good quality silicon sealed connectors though never used them for car looms.
Cant help you atm as I've uninstalled autodata which has quite a few wiring diagrams. Im sure someone will come along that has autodata and help you out. If not let me know and i'll reinstall if for you and see what I can find.
I don't think so? I'm guessing one will be the ignition feed not sure on the other two but have another loom so will work it out from there. Having quite a hard job finding connectors to do the job any ideas folks
Hi James sorry didn't see your response there. Don't want you to go to a lot of hassle if you could get them that would be great though. I have a wiring loom that has three live cables cut from the fusebox ideally I would have liked to swap the wires from the old loom I took out though it seems to much hassle as the run up through the rubber grommets that go under the skuttle panel. If anyone knows where I can get good quality connectors that will take up to 60 amps just as I don't want to have any problems with it.

Also the wiring running to the drivers side headlight area has been cut. What is strange is that on both looms I have different amounts of wires and different colours. They have for some reason cut the connectors off and 2 of the wires have been snipped in the middle. One of the wires seems to go down that part of the loom and just come back on itself which seems strange. I know there are 3 for one connector to the headlamps and 5 for the other. I have two biege wires coming from the loom and only one which I can reconnect too. Very confusing so if anybody could get me a diagram would appreciate it.

Has anybody had the dash of a 172? Got two connectors which I can't see a connectors for if I could send you pics?

One is a piece of wire with a red connector which I am positive is for the clock/display though it comes away from the loom altogether? Got a feeling it's for the steering cd controls but have a connectors there of that part of the loom and can't find the controls to check.