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182 clutch help please.

  Yozza'd Monster 182
after searching through a few threads i sort of understad there are many reasons for clutch problems..symptoms..creaking sound on depressing clutch and becomes harder to depress after engine warms up (or 10mins ish). my question being i have only owned the car for a month and have 12month warrenty from a renault dealer, Is this a issue that i can have fixed with no cost?? i phoned them today but they seemed to not want to know or even help me :mad:. has anyone managed to recify this problem or am i needing a new clutch? Alex.
  Megane dci 130
Pretty common for a creaky, heavy, or even very springy clutch pedal on then mate. It is the clutch diaphram but its not somthing a garage would admit too I would of thought.
  Yozza'd Monster 182
are they very expensive? i bought from a dealer for a reason though. if it breaks, take it back. plus having the additional warrently may help. hopefully.
  Clio RT 1.8 J reg
Hi Alex just joined today, so have only just read your problem, sounds familiar to what i encountered. My original clutch cable snapped so I purchased another cable from a non renault dealer and fitted it, this one didnt last 3 months and snapped the nipple off at the pedal, I done the same thing again and fitted non genuine renault cable it snapped again but I noticed each time that before it snapped I was getting this creaking
noise from down around the pedal. I then went to a renault dealer who explained that non genuine renault cables are to stiff and not flexible enough for the bending encountered when fitted to clutch.The creaking noise I think is a warning that you are stretching the cable and its about to snap, if it does make sure you have a genuine cable fitted this time.
Hope this has helped
cheers frankew
Most warranties specifically exclude "wear and tear" items, which usually includes stuff like tyres, brake pads, clutch friction materials, etc... If you bought from a reputable dealer, they should have provided you details of what is and what is not covered.

The problem with clutch issues is that unless it's a clutch operation issue (e.g. cable, or in the case of a hydraulic clutch, the master and slave cylinders), then for most cars the gearbox needs to come off before you can even take a look, and that's pretty labour intensive. Compared to the labour charges, the parts are pretty inexpensive.

Do be aware that if you send it back to the renault dealer you bought it from and the problem is deemed to be not covered by the warranty, you'll be stuck with the costs. And you'll be paying for all the labour charges at renault dealer rates.