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182 cruise control

  BG 182 and Williams
Hi I have just bought a 182 04 plate. The cruise don't work. If you hold the cruise button on the dash and set ur speed it will work, the second you take your finger off the button the green light on dash goes out and no cruise. Can anybody help? Am I using it properly?


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
I'm not 100% certain my answer is correct . But I'm pretty sure I've read about this problem before and it was something about the rocker switch for the cruise / speed limiter being faulty . If you do a search maybe you'll be able to find out more info .

There are always people selling things like switches etc .... in the for sale section . If you pay to become a full member you'll have access to the " for sale " section and also the " wanted " section . For what it costs it's worth paying in the long run .