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182 engine tuning...does it need it?

  Peddled device
Back in the day l used to have my XR3i's and 205 Gti's tuned every 6 months or so.Does the 182 require the same thing...maybe an RR tuning session? Its on 26k and just had it's 72k service (as it's 5 years old).
  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
You could do it but modern engines dont tail off like the old engines used to,
  ITB'd MK1
as above. Everything is ECU controlled so no tweaking of the dizzy, TPS, AFM, fuel distribution block, like on the cars you mention. A bit of maintenance on the other hand will go a long way. Fresh plugs, clean the throttle body and change the oil and you'll find the car driving much nicer