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182 exhaust

hi have lowered my 182 and tinted windows i now want to do something to the exterior and am thinking about the exhaust. I know k -tec have one but do any companys make one for the 182 yet and has anyone got any pics of 182s with aftermarket exhausts. cheers ollie

i have tried to upload but it wont work. Really annoying me will keep trying tho. There are some pictures in another post somewhere on here with it lowered on the Pi springs but now its properly lowered 40mm on Apex springs looks much better. Will keep trying.

Thats very nice. What make is that or who made it. I used a company for my mini i had and they did a good job but am after something that i know is going to be good for the car.
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do you find it very noisy? I fancy a system that gives it a sporty sound rather than a chavvy hole in your exhaust sound!


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TBH it is pretty nosiy (not in a chav way).

Thats the beauty of getting custom exhausts though - you can specify the kinda noise u want.
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With a 2.5" bore the motorway drone will be very excessive to the old eardrums. Prospeed recommend 2.1/4" bore which helps with low end torque. Obviously the 2.5" will gain more top end and itll be slightly noisier. Cant wait to get my Prospeed system fitted, full system including silenced decat. The BMC CDA induction kit is already pretty loud. Really sweet looking exhaust, bud, and if Prospeed couldnt deliver my exhaust Id probably have tried Zorstec.