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182 - Front shock assembly

  Exige S/CTR/182
Sorry in advance because I know this gets discussed a lot. I have done some searches but struggling on the specifics.

I'm wanting to change the front shocks on my 182, I've got all sorts of groaning and creaking up front and I'm slowly going through and sorting it all. Done BJs/TREs already, so onto the shocks now, I'll also use the opportunity to put some cup springs back on that I've had lying around rather than the rusty Eibachs that are on currently.

As I've got some springs sat here, I'm hoping to construct the strut towers off the car before getting it jacked up - just to make sure I have everything and if I need to get busy with a grinder/heat to get the old stuff off - I don't have to worry too much about damaging stuff.

So far I've got:

2x Struts
2x Febi top mount kits

If I want to construct the entire lot, I think that leaves me needing:

2x Spacer Nuts (was going to buy these:
2x Spring top platforms (was going to buy these:

and then finally, I believe from memory that there's a really slim-line 17mm bolt on top of the rubber donut thing, but I *think* that's been superceded by the integrated spacer nuts. Can anyone confirm this to make sure my shopping list is complete?

The assembly should then be:

Shock -> Gaitor -> Spring -> Top Platform -> Bearing -> Donut -> Spacer Nut -> Strut Tower -> Top Hat

Would appreciate any confirmation that can be provided. Obviously I'd figure all this out when the car comes apart, but I'm just trying to minimise downtime in the rain :)


ClioSport Club Member
Don't think you need spacer nuts with the febi mount, someone else can confirm.

You're not really saving any time by building up before installing, you don't even need a spring compressor with these cars so switching the bits from old to new is a 10 min job.


ClioSport Club Member
I fitted the febi top mount the other week, as said above you don't need the spacer nut. The febi mounts are based on the old top mount design, so you can reuse the original nut.
The new Renault mount require the new spacer nut, due to a slightly different design.

You don't need spring compressor for lowering springs. But I'm not sure if you'd need them for standard/cup springs. I definitely used them when I fitted cooksports a couple years ago.
  Exige S/CTR/182
Cheers chaps, I've got spring compressors lying around anyway so will use them if needed.

I reckon with that advise in mind I'll just go ahead and strip the shocks off tomorrow with what I've got already. Do you know if the 17mm slimline bolt from the "old" setup is available as a replacement part? I seem to recall one of mine being a bit ropey and may see the rough end of a grinder this weekend.
  Exige S/CTR/182
As expected I needed to grind those slim nuts off, managed to salvage the spacers though so will grab some nuts tomorrow.

Annoyingly the shocks I've got also appear to be wrong, bolthole spacing/position is correct but the holes are too small for the lower strut bolts! Not sure whether to drill them out a bit (only needs a couple of mm) or cut my losses on them...
  Exige S/CTR/182
Slept on it and put an order in for some new shocks from RPD. Lessons learned, buy cheap buy twice etc. I can only think that the Boge shocks I bought are for a non-RS model Clio as I found a post somewhere explaining that the non-RS models used thinner lower strut bolts.

As for the M14/17mm nut - this has proven quite difficult to get hold of as a replacement! Found a Renault Part Number which came back as: 7703032174

Worryingly, the description comes back as NUT M14X1 which I know is wrong... as it's a M14x1.5 pitch thread. I'm hoping the parts catalogue is a misprint and I've ordered a couple anyway.
  Exige S/CTR/182
When I took the remnants of my old nut to my fixings shop this morning he measured it for me at 1.5. My caliper agrees with that too.

I'm a little bit concerned that you also believe it to be 1.0 though, I wonder whats going on :/