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182 Mc d's norwich

  dCi 80 tractor
Orange 182, I think it was a cup, yesterday at Mc Donalds in Norwich. Was parked in the corner of the car park, very nice car!


ClioSport Club Member
Seen Two different Inferno's around Norwich and get nothing from either so would definitely assume they are not on here
  RB 200 Cup!
tbh i might just leave a bundle of flyers at Holden Renault and see if that drums up any new members
  dCi 80 tractor
ha good idea. they were in their car but i didnt really want to interuppt them eating their big macs ;)
  FF 182 BEAN
work in reepham near lenwade, go to norfolk now and then, dont think it was me you spotted tho, saw a silver v6 in holt on the cromer road as well, there are a few renault sports in the area but not on the forum.