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182 non cup with 182 cup springs?

  Artic Blue Clio 182 05
i have just picked up a 182 non cup 05 reg. just wondered if i could replace the springs with 182 cup ones? and keep my statrd shocks.

can anyone tell me the difference between non 182 and 182 cup springs.?
  Artic Blue Clio 182 05
would like too, but missus just passed her test and its speed humps galore around here.

thought by fitting cup springs would lower it slightly and stiffen it up slightly.
  Artic Blue Clio 182 05
ha lol. just came from a vw bora which was slammed on 18s. nice to have a comfort car. you got a link to the above suspension eibachs.?
  Artic Blue Clio 182 05
so, what springs do i need to lower my non cup 182.... i wanna use renault springs so insurance dont notice.

will the 182 cup springs fit non cups


do i need 172 springs (but are these lower than non cup 182 springs)?
  Artic Blue Clio 182 05
Yes they'll fit (182 cup springs) but I think the OE difference is circa 5mm.

do you mean there 5mm shorter? it just when ive looked at some cup 182s they just look alot better around the front arch (gap is not as big) as when i look at mine, mine looks like its on stilts.

so wanted to lower it slightly, but without putting proper lowering springs on it. becuase then insurance etc would be massivly effected.
  Dodgy one
Paint them if you're that bothered, The insurance will need to be notified anyway because they have been put on aftermarket


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
I prefer eibach pro's. And they look like standard springs, slight lowering effect.