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182 not running right

  Honda & VW
For a while my Mrs' 182 seems to stop revving at 5k rpm but due to the way she drives it this hasnt been an issue. However just lately (last week or two) its started to loose power all the time.

This morning i drove it and found that it seemed to be holding back on releasing power as it took more effort than usual to make it up a local hill.

Much like the 5k issue it appears to be acting very similar at lower revs in that it doesn't want to go.

Background on the car:

05 plate 182 cup
Standard apart from Remap & Pipercross viper induction.
mileage = 49k
Last service at 37k when the cambelt etc was done also.

A thought i had was the throttle body sticking? goes off to check

All help would be brilliant