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182 Oil Leak

  RB 182
Hi Everyone,

I noticed my car is leaking a little oil.

This photo is from about 8 hours parked.

Is that alot of oil to be losing?

I've taken some photos of where the oil seems to be coming from, it's around where the cambelt is (forgive me but i know very little about engines)

(sorry if these photos don't show the right thing)

My car is going to a garage tomorrow, I just wondered what you guys thought?

wheres the oil comming from?
is it serious? - could it just be a seal?

The car has just been serviced and i've already checked the oil filter, it's not leaking from there.

Any help you guys could give would be great.

Thanks again.
who done the cambelt if it's been done? my 182 leaked from the rocker cover take the plenum off and have a look
if its just been serviced, could the oil of been mis poured when filling it back up? i done this myself only split a drab but with the heat of the engine and the air rushing through the bay it chucked it everywhere took me ages to clean up.

as for the oil on the floor under the car,when the oil filter was changed if the front of the block is not fully cleaned properly it will constantly drip until the excess oil on the block has dried or dripped off.
  RB 182
are you guys saying its more likely to be something silly then?

the car is driving fine and i've been constantly checking the dipstick the oil level does not appear to be dropping.