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182 Recaro fitment.

  Nimbus Megane R26
good afternoon all. Right i have located a 182 with factory fitted recaro's that the owner is willing to sell. He obveously wants my FF seats in return so a straight swap + cash his way. Sorted.

What parts do i need to put his recaro's in mine? Resistors is that it, to solve airbag light? Going to get them from maplins so do i just need 2(one for each seat) ? If so, what ohm?

Also, does he need any bits to fit my FF seats into his? Will airbag wires etc already be under his seats but just not in use?

Any help would be greatly aprechiated as im at a total loss, or if somebody local wants to come and help us ill cover petrol money for them on sunday morning. Local to penketh, in warrington.

Thanks, Kris.
  Nimbus Megane R26
forgot to add, im not using harnesses just the standard belts so i dont need to put resistors on the plug for pre tentioners do i??