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182 REP

ok ive got a clio 1.2 rush. want to make a 182 trophy replica. before i walk into a renault dealership and ask about price's what would you guys think its likely to cost. need front bumper, front wing~(passager & drivers side), side skirts, rear bumper. oh and paint sparyed in pearl black.
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i bet they will say.... what the f**k are you on about

best off sourcing the parts yourself and getting them sprayed and put on the car by a body shop.
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Lots of money if you go in to renault and buy them, seriously consider doing it though because it is alot of time and money if you only plan to keep the car a year or so like my little brother did.
added. 182 reps are worse due to the spare wheel well and the exhausts there are a few replica exhaust but VERY few that ever look right. 172 is the better option :p
his old 1.2


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that looks amazing.

If you do a 172 rep, fair play to you
If you do a 182 rep, f**king fair play to you!
yeah its early yet still need to research alot more dont know the exact difference between the 172, 182, trophys, cups exterior wise!
ive only had my 1.2 for 2 weeks and have £1000 to replicate.
may be asking loads of newbie stupid Q's, soz!

Cheers Alex.
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imo do a 172 rep because of the exhaust spare wheel dilemma.
an get some trophy wheels.
Cant find the thread, but its a load of pic of peoples non-sport clios. can anyone dig it out for me please. theres a blue trophy rep in there.
  Ph1 172 + Combo van
trophy's only come in red.
there are:
172 cup
182 FF
182 cup

there is a model guide on here somewhere so you can find which one you like and get inspiration from it to copy.
trophy's only come in red.
there are:
172 cup
182 FF
182 cup

there is a model guide on here somewhere so you can find which one you like and get inspiration from it to copy.

kk, cheers alex. do each have different bumper and wings, skirts
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heres mine

front bumper with all grille's fogs and cup splitter 150 pounds
new old passenger wing 20 pounds
new drivers wing off renault few quid short of 50 pounds
side skirts 80 pounds for the pair
rear bumper 60 pounds
dynamique interior 25 pounds
xenon headlights 170 pounds
sport steering wheels 50 pounds
182 exhaust surround 32 pounds or some thing daft

i make that 637 ish plus paint and to get them painted your talking a good 250 if not pushing 400 really, doing a sport rep aint cheap, and im sure most people will tell ya them bits i got are bargins

then add custom exhaust at 320 and your lost in negative numbers in your bank account :(

cheers hutchie
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ive done a 182 rep too, it doesnt have to be stupidly expensive if you dont mind doing the work yourself

the break down for mine was

front bumper, grill and fog surrounds £80 posted
rear 182 bumper £60 posted
side skirts £65 posted
front grill £48
exhaust materials £50
meggy splitter £25
paint / body work materials this included paint for colourcoding bumpstrips, doorhandles and wheel refurb £100
totaling £428 (not bad for everything needed, all parts painted and fitted. most bodyshops were looking for around £850 -£1200 just to paint and fit the parts)

then ive done a few other things like
lowering (including springs) £100
wheels £150

to save some money i modified the 182 front bumper to fit the standard wings and fitted replica sideskirts. this ment less parts, cheaper sideskirts and less painting. a bodyshop i spoke to said you would have to paint the bonnet if you did the wings to blend it in.

the exhaust was a bit of a pain in the arse but i just took my time to make sure i did it properly, and i have to say im pleased with the results. its only cost me £40 rather than £400 which one place quoted me and they wanted to drill through my spare wheel well

you can see the progress thread here mate



Rossmac, cheers for that! how the hell did you find that i have been looking for 2hrs, no joke!!!
all your clios look smart as fook. ok my goal is to get it all done for a grand not including things like, alloys, lights, lowering, interior, exhaust.
Cheers guys , this is very much appreciated!
Alex, i'm not sure if you already said. What colours your car ??

You will also need to inform your insurance company if you do it, don't forget that bit.
  1.2 Dynamique billabong
You will also need to inform your insurance company if you do it, don't forget that bit.

great point, if your 19 or older try brentacre, you can get a modified car insurance premium which allows unlimited cosmetic mods, performance such as lowering and a bhp increase of +10bhp, so this allows a full exhaust system and induction kit. if you want more bhp you just pay a little more. both me and my brother have been with them for three years and i would definately recommend them, had nothing but excellent service
im with qinn direct i am allowed and interior and exterior modifications as long as i dont touch the engine, a double back box will be fine, wont go for a full system. i think an airfilter need not be declaired! will keep the car the same colour as im loving the black pearl atm.
Are you sure that there is no increase if you make it look like a full 182 ?

Yes im sure, i did mention it to the guy on the phone, he said it was fine, as long as i dont touch the engine. also they said the same with my last clio.
Anyways i think im already paying enough!

whilst on the subject of insurance. my insurance went up just on the basis that its a newer clio, but i cant claim because im 3rd party away, so if its '58' or an 'm' plate it shouldnt make a difference. also my insurance doent go down even with both parent as named drivers. will change insurer in febs.

we thats my rant for the day..... back to the 182 rep topic....
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alex told you this place was handy mate.... you need a hand with finding anything out i can see what i can do.