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182 Rolling Road results

Custom Production

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  Clio 182 Cup
Stop there, that's a good point to stop. When you get to over 5k, you know the cheap track car has gone slightly wrong :smile:
Ahh please don't your describing exactly what I told myself this would be. I have a point where im stopping though I swear. Im wanting to get this car a lot lighter. What would you deem as possible ? I have planned to buy Perspex windows and replace door cards with carbon panels. Remove a/c and all interior including carpet. Have 2 light ish bucket seats to go in now too
  172 Turbo
@DTM888 I just checked and my 52 plate 172 Cup owes me £7,900.
I'd strip it, perspex windows, buckets & cage. I'd leave the a/c in as I miss mine in the summer.

Sonic Boom

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  Clio 172 Sport Ph1
I'd happily sink 5k into my Clio when I think I'm not shy of spending 6 figures on my Cossie over the 12 years I've owned it.



Wales - South
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I had one come in with a 7900rev limit once... @Filters

Christ don't remind me! Without ARPs the bottom end or valves didn't let go on that 'berg was beyond me.

OP Dans right in what he's saying...6700 is the limit when cold. I'd personally be amazed if it made 190bhp on just a filter and catback..
Mine pushed 196.6bhp 158lbs/tq on it's old map (519 automotives map and rollers) that was PISS POOR with Ktec induction, phase 1 cat, BTB stealth catback, matched inlets and cams. ARFs were in the high 15's in most places between 1300 and 5650 RPM on that map wih a limit of 8100rpm in 1st 2nd and 3rd...7900rpm in 4th and 5th.
If any of you know what this even is then you'll see the original value of 6700 in purple code block 1 being the cars original rev limit. And im happy to take the car to another rolling road to confirm. The rollers we used here are well known around here and have always disappointed customers in the past believe it or not.

That's the same as my stock 182 map. 6700 is coolant less then 67c. 7200 is do 1st and 2nd above 75c and 7000 is 3,4,5th above 75c
  E36 328
If you chase dyno figures you'll always be disappointed. Best to just go on feel and when your happy. At the end of the day it's just a number really
My 182 has made 181 on a few different rollers over the 5+ years ive owned it. Still its just numbers the end of the day aslong as it drives well and your happy with it then all is good

Custom Production

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  Clio 182 Cup
So when people say that mapping has no real benefits why is this ? If anything if say the inlet is poor. What's people's opinions on the inlet manifold on these ? Surely everyone will agree, if you can get more air in and mapped properly it will always make more power.


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  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
There are people running different inlets on here with good gains. With regards mapping i think its peoples expectations. They are highly tuned as standard so gains are minimal.