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182 Turbo, Meg 225 Head, Turbo & Internals Help

Having just bought a 182 for use as a track/weekend blast car, I am looking at the options regarding turboing it. It already has cams, Scorpion 192 exhaust (no cat), induction kit and 'Pop & Bang' remap, but ideally i'm looking for a reliable 250-260 BHP.

As its only to be used primarily as a fun car, i'm not wanting to go overboard and build a 300+ BHP weapon, so have ruled out a KTEC conversion.

It seems a lot of conversions are done using the Megane 225 engine, and having searched and read numerous threads on here, I cant get an exact parts list of whats needed. So far, I have found that I will be needing:
Megane 225 engine as donor of the head, inlet, exhaust manifold and turbo, pistons and con rods
Megane 225 engine loom
Megane 225 engine ecu
Megane 225 1.3mm steel head gasket to lower compression

I plan on using the 182 bottom end and gearbox (obviously uprating the clutch), a Focus ST intercooler with custom 2.5" pipework and hopefully mating my Scorpion 192 exhaust to the turbo without too much work.

What are the options on a turbo oil feed, custom or will the KTEC 182 turbo kit work?

Have I missed anything that is glaringly obvious here?

Thanks in advance,



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I'm thinking of doing this to my Storm Grey 172 as I've got everything required apart from a Megane head and an ecu.

You'll need a new set of Megane injectors, or if they come with a donor engine get them cleaned as they have a habit of failing. I also wouldn't put used Megane pistons and rods into a 182 bottom end or use a Megane ecu and loom.
I've already looked at the aftermarket bolt on kits Scooby, but if I'm being honest I would want to do it cheaper than the prices they cost.

I've got the injectors on my list Tim, forgot to add them to my post!! Regarding the Pistons and con rods, it was my plan to put new rings and oil scraper on and new big/small end shells. My thinking with the Meg engine ecu was that it would be easier to remap and save me buying an aftermarket one like OMEX or Adaptronics. As far as I'm aware, the standard 182 ecu doesn't do too well with a turbo setup and leads to a very aggressive power delivery.
Jus boost the 182 enginr as it is.. less hassle look on clioturbo site online and there's a list of parts you will need../
Basically turbo, oil feed, log manifold, downpipe.. Pipe work.. Intercooler.. Get standalone ecu.. Loom.. Mapped.. done.. About £2k+
Having not read up much on supercharging, I didn't know the standard ecu could be used, I thought it would have been stand alone ecu. I'm not exactly sure on where to start either, what charger is the easiest to plumb in? Can a Cooper S one be used with a custom outlet?

I've went through all the options regarding a turbo installation, and have now settled on a log manifold, GT28 turbo and Adaptonics ecu and loom. The megane head route looks like it would end up costing more in the long run. My new target for a low pressure turbo will be somewhere in the region of 230-250 BHP, my only problem now is trying to find a tuner in Scotland that has mapped a 182 turbo with Adaptronics! Ecotune would probably be my best bet, or has anyone else got a recommendation?
You would need a rotrex c30-94 for about 260 bhp

Have a look through my project thread few bits of info in there
Ref mapping if your fitting adaptronics it is worth taking the trip to see Chris at efi it's a trek but there is no better IMO