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Turbo kit - what’s it worth?

ClioSport Trader
What is a turbo kit worth for a 182?

Everything is brand new, never been fitted. I will likely have forgot things from this list

• Chinese gt2871r (wastegate ported)
• EngineDynamics intercooler & pipes (76% heat wrapped)
• oil feed pipes and returns (with attachment for sump)
• Uprated injectors (megane 225 possibly? Can’t remember)
• Brand new genuine fuel rail with return
• RTS Turbo 182 clutch (brand new only test fitted)
• Turbo down pipe
• Engine dynamics exhaust manifold
• Engine Dynamics intake and cone filter
• cFab intake airbox

Probably missed a lot of things.

Looking to sell as a whole job lot, which is almost a complete fit kit for a boosted 182. Only selling due to expanding the business 👍🏼




ClioSport Club Member
  Bean 182 + E70 X5
Ah, unfortunately prices have dropped massively recently. You’ll be lucky to get £500 for all that lot 👀

I’m obviously joking but if you would consider splitting, let me know as I do need oil feed and return, fuel rail, manifold and possibly clutch

ClioSport Trader
Does it have the turbo control module and MAP sensor as well Harry? What bits are not included from the ED kit?

No it doesn't have the MAP sensor and module, but afaik it's not a million miles away from that being all that is needed.

Out of that list I have the following

T28 / T25 Hybrid Turbo Charger
Turbo Oil Feed pipe
Turbo Oil Drain Pipe
Turbo Exhaust Manifold
Turbo Exhaust Downpipe Kit
Turbo Intercooler kit with Black Alloy Pipes / silicone hoses
JR Cone Air Filter with our Intake Kit
Forced Induction ECU Module
Turbo Map Sensor
Custom ECU Calibration for Factory ECU

Larger Fuel Injectors
Spark plugs
One way valve for carbon canister
Alloy Turbo Heat shield
Sump Gasket