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18s will they fit?

  mk2ph1 rsi 106rallye
ive got a w-reg clio rsi (what ever mk phase that is im new to renaults)
at the moment i have 204/45/17s with a 60mm drop fit perfictly.

have been offered some 215/35/18s with an et of 35 would they fit?

my 17s are very close to the front bumper and bottoms of the struts not sure if i will get away with it?
  Mental 172 Cup
i know a few people who have 60mm drop on 18s on a clio and they have had only scrubbing on full lock but spacers will sort that out!


  Focus TDCi
That'll be a mk2 ph1 1.6ltr 16v I think Ben. 18s will be too big though, most people stay away from 17s as well because they tend to look too big on a Clio and can sometimes cause problems with rubbing.
Take a look round on here before you decide mate, will give you some good ideas. Most people will agree that 15s or 16s work best. They'll look good with a 60mm drop too and will give better handling.
I'll warn you now before you get slated too much.. it takes a brave person to put 18s on a Clio and post pics on here!
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  2002 1.2 16V

Wats wrong with 18's on a clio??

they arent on anymore but when they where they looked well

oh sorry i didnt have turinis on like everyone else.


  Focus TDCi
Due to the fact that you had the body kit on it just about keeps the 18s in proportion, but can you imagine them without it? Personally I reckon they would look massive. Also the sidewall on your tyres looks virtually non-existent! What profile were they?

"CS: You don't have to have Turinis to be accepted, but it helps." I'm currently rollin' on some 14s.. aint no sheep in me (yet).
I fitted 17's to my 172 cup ages ago with -40mm drop, but handled like a Astra VXR!! All back to 16's now and everything is great, stay with 16's.

Can't imagine how bad 18's would be?

I have to say that the one posted up on 18's does look silly, the only thing that those wheels do is make all the kids at the local cruise nurse a semi over them die to the fact that they are so big. To everyone else they just look bad & pointless.

On a vee where that sixe wheel is meant to be fair play, it's standard but that, nah not for me.
  mk2ph1 rsi 106rallye
i had 15s on now have 17s haddels just the same but made the car sliglty slower i think 17s suite my car very well.

how can i get pixs from my mobile phone onto here?
got some 15s i want to fit on mu car but the centre boars to small.
  Monaco RS Clio 172
I was wondering if I may ask a question without starting my own thread and wasting forum space.

I have std 172 wheels on my 195/45/16.. would a lower profile tyre for example 35 profile affect handling?.. just think they look quite good is all. :)
  Mental 172 Cup
^^^ dunno bout handling but wud fcuk up ur rolling radius totally and ur speedo would be reading wrong aswell as a load of other faults u may experience!
  Monaco RS Clio 172
I admit to being completely clueless before I say this... so I may sound a complete idiot.

what exactly does that mean for me?.. I am not going to bother if it will affect it in any way. just wondered if there is any advantage to being low pro, as alot of modified cars are running seriously slim profiles!

I know they puncture 10x easier.. my old car had 17s with 40 profiles and they used to puncture very easily indeed.
  Mental 172 Cup
they look good! and smaller sidewalls will produce less flex so less roll in corners!

disadvantages are will be bumpier ride, if u hit a kurb or a nasty pot hole u cud damage the rim, punctures etc etc!
yes less tyre roll, but tyre roll is what keeps the larger proportion of your tyres attached to the road through a corner. Wheels flex surprisingly enough, especially 18's!!!!!!!!

there is a balance, which is why most sensible folk run 15's or 16's

the japs have been doing it right for years, if lower profile tyres handled progressively enough to make your car grippier throughout the bends then touring cars wouldn't run massive profile tyres.

you may notice less roll with lower profile tyres but you certainly will have less grip

its all down to how you drive really