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19 16v vs. clio 16v

How do these cars compete with eachother?

Obviously the clio will be a bit quicker coz its a lighter car but is there a great deal of difference?

Thinking of upgrading my clio to something a bit bigger but want to keep it Renault coz of the excellent community.

There are a load of 19s out there and theyre quite cheap too

Cheers for any opinions

There is about 1 passengers weight difference between these 2 cars, the 19 16v has slightly longer gear ratios over the clio 16v but unless your driving head to head you wont really feel anything.

The 19 is a good car (having owned 3 of them and one being a 16v back in 93 when i bought it new for 10465 otr ;)) and i enjoyed that car for a little over 4 years.

Id buy a late model if i were you though, M/N reg with leather as these should be the best buys (at around 3k) with frsh over a non service history one.


Cheers mate.

Is the engine in the 19 exactly the same as in the clio?

Also do you know what the claimed standard 0-60 time of a 19 16v is?

clios are nasty to work on, but 19s, especialy the early ones are even worse, they are cheap but will cost alot for to run then the equivilant ford vauxhall if like me you do a fair bit yourself, but these renaults are so difficult to work on that you end up paying someone to do comparitivly simple things,

having said that they are cheap and you get alot of car for your money
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In a Trafic light GP u will lose! but very nice cars!

A mate of mine has a 19 16v with leather and its very nice sound and go pretty much the same!
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Ben. In the next couple of weeks, I will have a genuine 1 owner 47,000 mile phase 2 for sale. Email me if you are interested.">